My Background

A San Diego native, now living in Michigan, I've created art, especially abstract art, as long as I can remember, from doodling when I should have been working on my math homework, to painting and sculpting as I got older. I'm a professional graphic designer by trade, but my passion is putting paint on canvas. I'm especially drawn to abstract works, and have long been a fan of the likes of Pollock, Gorky, and Krasner, but also multiple contemporary painters who inspire and push me in new directions.


My Medium

While I primarily work in acrylics, I also will introduce graphite, ink, metallics and pastels into my work, depending on what I'm trying to achieve.


My Inspiration

Most of my work is influenced by the natural world around me. My aim, however, is not to represent any particular thing; my job as an artist is to convey emotion, to provoke thought through my paintings, and to have the viewer connect directly and intimately with my work, drawing their own conclusions and experiencing their own emotional response.