About the Artist

By creating richly colored and textured paintings, Stephen Plumbley creates a context for the viewer to achieve their own emotional reaction, to derive their own meaning as a result of their own personal experiences. 

Born in San Diego, California, Stephen now calls Michigan home. His earliest art was done at 3 and 4 years old, and he continued to develop his style throughout elementary and high school and beyond. 

Initially drawn to botanical realism, and then on to the fluid action painting of Jackson Pollock (to which he sometimes returns) Stephen has developed a distinct style that relies heavily on impasto brush and palette knife strokes, He builds layers of paint on the canvas or board and then scrapes away, often gouging into the substrate, to then build and add, to then subtract and add again.

This breaks up the work into a thousand individual moments that come together to create a single unified experience, allowing the viewer to meditate on the color, the shape and form contained within the painting.

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